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Someone who is selling their home wants to be sure that their buyer will be approved for the financing they need to complete the purchase. While many lenders provide their customers with non-binding pre-qualifications based only upon a credit check, HUNT Mortgage buyers enjoy a competitive advantage that can help them buy their dream home. Unlike some lenders, we offer a fully underwritten pre-approval, called our Pre-Purchase Commitment, which gives sellers a $1,000 guarantee* if buyer financing falls through.

Our $1,000 guarantee makes a difference.

The HUNT Mortgage Pre-Purchase Commitment Program delivers a fully underwritten pre-approval, subject only to collateral conditions. To reassure sellers, we will back our Pre-Purchase Commitment with a $1,000 guarantee. If you aren’t able to close on a transaction because your mortgage application is denied, HUNT Mortgage will pay the seller $1,000. This guarantee distinguishes HUNT customers from other buyers a seller may be considering.

This exclusive program has no cost and no obligation to the buyer or seller.


Enjoy peace of mind with our Pre-Purchase Commitment Program.

HUNT Mortgage will issue a complete mortgage pre-approval before you begin to shop for a home. When you find the right home, your financing will be virtually assured, making your offer stand out from the crowd. This program removes the seller’s fear that your financing will fall through, giving you a competitive advantage over other offers.

Our Pre-Purchase Commitment is a completely processed mortgage transaction except for the sales contract, appraisal and other related collateral documents.  While other buyers will present offers that have certificates or letters from loan officers stating that they have been pre-qualified, we take it several steps further with a commitment and guarantee. Your entire loan file will be reviewed by a qualified underwriter who has the ability to approve your loan, assuring that there are no last-minute surprises.

With a Pre-Purchase Commitment from HUNT Mortgage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your offer is virtually assured. We’ll remove the stress and worry over financing up front so you can enjoy the homebuying process.

Reach out to HUNT Mortgage today to learn more.

Contact us to discover how you can apply for your own no-cost, no-obligation Pre-Purchase Commitment that will give you a competitive advantage when you shop for a home, or to learn about our other special offers. We look forward to working with you!


The guaranty is null and void if:  a) The property is not deemed acceptable collateral for the loan due to value and or condition; b) The buyer or seller willfully cancels the transaction; c) The buyer voluntarily terminates employment and or voluntarily divests assets prior to closing; d) The buyer takes out new credit after the Pre-Purchase Commitment is issued; e) The seller is unable to deliver clear acceptable title;  f) Guaranty is only on owner-occupied single-family transactions; g) The transaction does not close due to a contract contingency not being met other than the mortgage financing;  h) Pre-Purchase Commitment was issued with maximum specific sale price and taxes, guaranty is void if either of these are exceeded; i) The contract closing is dated past the expiration of the Pre-Purchase Commitment. Guaranty is only on Pre-Purchase Commitments issued by HUNT Mortgage. J) Guaranty is null and void if area property is located in becomes designated as a State or Federal disaster area prior to closing k) Any act of God prevents the closing.

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