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Rent vs. Buy: What Else Could You Do With Your Rent Money?


Is your rent money worth a home payment? 

If you’re making rent payments now, it’s possible you may be able to afford a monthly mortgage payment – and you might be surprised at how far your rent payment can go when you start the process of purchasing a home. 

This Rent to Mortgage calculator will help you see how much home you may be able to purchase for a payment that’s comparable to what you’re paying now. You can even investigate further to see how your down payment can affect your possible purchase price and the income you might need to qualify for the loan.

It’s your hard-earned money, and when you put your money toward a home payment rather than a rent payment, you’re building equity and earning advantages for yourself instead of your landlord. 

If you’re interested in talking more about how you can achieve homeownership, including various loan options that may be available to you, contact one of our experienced Mortgage Consultants today!

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